Domain name and web hosting are two of the pillars upon which a website is built. As the world is moving towards online platforms, the need for quality websites has increased. This also means that you must search for domain name ideas that suit your business.

But first, web hosting!

When it comes to cloud hosting, Canadian Cloud Web Hosting Best companies or the USA web hosting providers are your safest best. You might be inclined to choose a free web hosting or a cheap web hosting provider. However, the quality of your website depends on the web hosting service. So, make sure you pick wisely.

Tips for domain names

When you are looking for domain name ideas, keep the following in mind:

  • Know how much to invest. The prices domains feature will differ from one another. You will find premium domains as well as cheap ones. Which one is perfect for you depends on whether the domain name is reasonably priced. Are domains extension offered? How long will you own it for? What gTLD name does it have?
  • Opt for gTLD names. What is gTLD name? It is generic top-level domains (TLD) which feature options like .com and .net. These types of domain names are preferred because they are well known among the masses.
  • Use domains name generator and Domain Whois to make the process easier for you. Also, if web hosting you choose delivers domain name registration, it is an icing on the cake.

Features to have

Here are some of the features your domain name should have:

  • It should be short and pithy. No one has the time to remember long URLs.
  • It must be relevant to your business. Generally, the name of the company is reflected in the domain name as well. This helps in building a brand and ensuring consistent communication.
  • It should be easy to recall. Don’t add difficult words that can be easily misspelled.
  • Always use extensions that are generally well known. The same domain name can have different extensions that can direct to different sites.


Choosing the perfect domain name might sound like a hassle. However, it is a very important part of building a website and a brand. Make sure you don’t get left behind. Online presence matters. Websites matter. So, domain names matter.