What is a brand? It is a promise or a set of ideas that a company abides by. When you are building a brand, every step you take matters. This also includes choosing the right web hosting provider and the best domain name. After all, these intangible decisions matter in building an online presence. And your online presence, in turn, helps in building your brand.

The role of domain names

Just like the name of your company plays a role in branding, so does the domain name. It is important to search for domain name ideas that are somehow relevant to your brand. You make use of a domains name generator to come up with similar names as well.

There are different types of domain names. Generally, gTLD names are preferred. What is gTLD name? These names refer to generic top level domains (TLD) that include options like .com. Such names receive more hits because the masses tend to be familiar with a .com domains extension.

More often than not, the name that is perfect for your brand is bound to be that of premium domains. The prices domains feature differ according to the GLTD name they have, the expiry date and optimization. So, you’ll have to pay more than you like to in most cases to attain domain name registration. Also, sometime, the name would be taken by someone else. You can know whether a domain is available via Domain Whois. If it isn’t, you can either choose to move on, wait or offer an owner a price.

Here are some tips about choosing a domain name that is beneficial for branding:

  • Keep it short and pithy.
  • Make sure it is easy to remember.
  • Use an extension that people are familiar with.
  • Make it relevant to your brand or your values. This helps in ensuring recall.

The role of web hosting

A cloud hosting or a web hosting provider stores your website and makes sure that the masses are able to access it. The Canadian Cloud Web Hosting Best companies and USA web hosting providers have quite a few things in common. The same factors also help in differentiating them from free web hosting or cheap web hosting services. The factors play a role in ensuring that your brand image is maintained. The factors include:

    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • High speed and less loading time
    • Excellent security of data


Choose a web hosting and domain name carefully. It matters.

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